1996 Ford Aerostar Copart buy (part 1)

1996 Ford Aerostar Copart buy (part 1)

2 stycznia, 2022
6 komentarzy

The first video of my 96 Ford Aerostar, it needs some work before it’s road worthy but definitely a good buy.
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Comments (6)

Felipe Iturreyes

Beauty Aereo¡¡ Do you still have it?

Woody Van

It’s a good van😎

Apple Helper

i had a red 97’ xlt and it was the best car ever. i rear ended a semi during a white out in a blizzard and it saved me from major injury/maybe saved my life. i sure do miss it.

Brian Jelski

That is a nice Electric Red Aerostar. It's awesome to see one saved from the crusher. Ford did also put the 3.0L Vulcan in the Ranger. In fact, the Aerostar is based on the Ranger chassis, which is why Ford classified it as a light truck. The fact that it's built like a truck is one of the reasons my parents have 4, and I have 4 more. I have seen Aerostars with remote locks and remote start, but only a few, it is rare. That was kit that Ford made, someone could go back to the dealer and have remote locks and remote start added.

rafa lopez

Nice aerostar

GDC Coating

It’s also running on 2 year old gas