2011 Ford F250 DONOR PARTS TRUCK Going back to COPART

2011 Ford F250 DONOR PARTS TRUCK Going back to COPART

2 stycznia, 2022
48 komentarzy

Truck on Copart

If you want to win some $$ put in the comments what you think the price she will go for and the closest guess will win $100. All guesses need to be in by Monday night 12PM Edited comments will not count during winner selection!!! 😝

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patrick crawford


Daniel Hill


Nives Worx


Otis Ong

Definitely looking forward to the drawing. $2570

Teddy Bee

Thanks for hosting an amazing GAW. $ 3790

Gen Ranhill

Tha is for the giveaway opportunity. $5300


I am in! And I my guess is $1390

Keith White


Takachi San

You may have $ 4900 for it.

Sal Anderson

Not too sure but it would be nice if the price is $6170

NiaMa GPie

Here is my entry bro, my guess is $4,350

Moni Ger

I say, $3880


You can probably get $4300 out of it hopefully.

Super Guppy

Here is my guess, $3250


So how did we do on the auction? I don't see the sold price.

Mizer Mira

My budget is $2350


Just want to drop in and hi. $4200 is possible.

Sean LCY

Can we sell it for $7,770? I sure think you can.

Maximus Sentinel

I will price it $750


You can get $2,100 for it.

Larry Travis


lim peh

$3890 should be fair



Pappa Rich

I think it will go for $2750

Sakai Lansi

I bet you will get $1680

Knives Nutz

$1,650 if you are lucky.

Roger Bee

I would be surprise if you could get $ 5500 with it.

GooGoo Bird

Can you get 3780 for it. I sure think so.

Fun with Pickle

$4747 worth would be nice



The Better DVFT





I would say $4000



Vlad K


Joe Flow

I think it can fetch $3550

GauTim 4U

A little bit over 1300.

craig orford

Ayy up Nick,I think it will go for around $2750.

FlyGuy CruWear

I hope you can get at least 4200 for it

Zach H


Jacen BarkOff


Susi & Andy Coates


Garry Yap

500 buck but I hope you get more then that.

Finger Cutz

I say you will get 580 out of it

Blade Worx

$800 is my best bet.