$350 Copart Chevy Malibu Teardown

$350 Copart Chevy Malibu Teardown

27 grudnia, 2021
10 komentarzy

$350 Copart Chevy Malibu Teardown

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What’s the song called?

shawn carter

1AAuto is great

Deshawn Odog

Grind dont stop Go brazy

Paul Levy

Get yourself a piece of pipe or square tubing that fits over the ratchet handle. Gives a lot more torque to break lose big nuts/bolts.

Michael Coffey

It is going nicely 🙂

Its Me


Wrong Folkes

Put a GALLARDO engine in the Caddy.lol

Wrong Folkes

Why does this dude don't have more subscriptions??!!!


I absolutely hate that wiz parts I personally think there garbage

Kevin Wickward

Don't fix it bro