Before and After - $1650 2012 Copart Chevy Impala
Before and After - $1650 2012 Copart Chevy Impala

Before and After – $1650 2012 Copart Chevy Impala

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Uwagi (33)

Frank Escobar

wao.. looks greats the impala you have good eyes for the busines no more uberman ..businesman keep going Randy uber on blessing

Joseph Pyles

Pretty sharp,,,,


Hey great job! looks awesome!

Jaron King

Id keep her as an uber/daily car.

Subzero ___

wow the car looks amazing awesome job

John Guerard

Amazing job

Al Rosenfeld

Looks great homie. Loving the vids since the Aztek and wishing you great success.
-Alex from Jersey


Looking good! Try using synthetic wax, so much easier to work with, cut waxing time by half and last longer. I use Rejex, from Amazon.


I started watching your channel more than a year ago while doing research to drive for Lyft. I drove for Lyft just long enough to get the bonus and drive on a New Years Eve. The paltry $97 I earned driving for 7 hours on New Years Eve made me stop driving for Lyft permanently (and I never signed up for Uber). Although I have almost NOTHING else in common with you, I still find myself watching your channel anyway and I don't even know why… I guess it's entertaining with or without Uber. Good job!

Ham's Flights Kit Box

Great job, 😀


Great job, UberMan!

Dan 57

Looks terrific, Randy. Especially since it's black, which is the worst color to work on. February looks pretty good in Oklahoma, a lot better than here in Canada, lol. But then again, tornado season's right around the corner, as I'm sure you're aware of. Good job, my friend.


Awesome job

Sarah Sisler

Wow! It's fun to watch… wish I could do that, but adding oil to my car is my skill set so far!

Davis Mathis

I wish I was this good with tools amazing BTW

Roberto Martinez

You do an amazing job with these cars keep up the great work!

Dan L

Looks great

vicky bray

Hard to believe it's a shame that this car has the name of impala. Sad days at GM.

Dustin Is Driving

Man that looks awesome! I'm glad you're making good on your side hustle.


Was this a flood damaged car? The original pics sure look like it is.


Wtf who does that ! lol 👍

Vee the Driver

Wow. Great job Randy!


I like the Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Paste Wax. It's great stuff. It's like butter

whoami dotcom

Were there any smells or mold after it was flooded ?

T Genesis

Nice work but can you please take off that carmart sticker.


Car looks so good you could Uber in it !

Kim Courtney

You can do that to my car,won't take ya long! Lol

Kim Courtney


Dave's Custom Junk

Looks new!! Nice job



Wally Tlkaify

You should wash the car first and show us the difference before and after buff and polish for sure the car dirty and it’s been sitting in the action for long time

J.C. C.

Wow, looks amazing!

Nani Lnst

I got a wrecked impala for 100$

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