Buying A Wrecked Toyota Highlander Hybrid From Salvage Auction And Shipping It Over Seas
Buying A Wrecked Toyota Highlander Hybrid From Salvage Auction And Shipping It Over Seas

Buying A Wrecked Toyota Highlander Hybrid From Salvage Auction And Shipping It Over Seas

In this video we share with you guys how we bought a car for our cousin and ship it to him over seas.
Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more videos.

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Yuriy Lutchenko

Ukraine! Новий сервіс ? Можна і мені замовити Tesla 3 ?


un bon chantier pour Arthur Tussik !!!!

Marc van der poelen

man that trailer that picked up … it's sketchy ! rear frame is split .. hope he make's it !

Travis Burch

So how long do it take to ship a car from US to Ukraine?

Роман Билан

Вы откуда родом парни???

Lucas Martínez Parra

The Toyota Highlander is awesome. I wish you could fix her, but that's okay.

Mason March

The people who disliked the video must be just miserable like why do you even bother if you don’t like the content don’t watch it but anyway love all the videos keep it up

Akiva Feinstein

There's so many copart cars that get sold overseas but it makes me wonder if it's a better business too buy cars here that are wrecked and send them overseas. Especially because in America they rebuilt title is a instant value reduction but overseas everything gets washed.

It's spaz


Frank Gumabon

What a waste of time video, unloading a damage vec. and reloading same vec.

Ronnie Thode

Did not see the repair

Donald Hayes

You can’t leave anything loose in the car during the shipping .

Smart Id

Nice. Can you also help get my choice car and send to Africa?

B Good

That transporters trailer is definitely not safe. It had so much flex it’s not even funny! No way I’d use them again lol

Kin Kinchen

So y’all are located in Cleveland? Love the area. I have family that live there.

William Hollinger

Ship it over seas wow.

Billy Masoner

Would love to get an update on the vehicle after your cousin gets it fixed up!

Gabriele Girolami

I see the burned sti why didn't continue to rebuild


You missed a great opportunity to go into details about overseas shipping; costs, customs info, how the ports handle the vehicle, etc. This is info that we don't see on build channels but may have helped a lot of viewers and brought a lot of new watchers to the channel!

Kwasi Abboah-Yartey

I really like your builds, Thumbs up. I'd really appreciate it if you can do same for me. I'd like for you to purchase vehicles, repair/get parts and ship to me in my home country. Can you kindly send me an email on so we can start the partnership/process from there. Fingers crossed.

James Weaver



Are the parts for it hard to get over there? Your cousin may want buy parts in the us and have them put inside the car before shipping.

Keith AmberRed

What was the point in posting this video?

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Jakub Wilk

Dziękujemy za odwiedziny i mamy nadzieję że znaleźliśmy dla Państwa auto z importu.



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