Copart $175 Chevy Malibu car GIVEAWAY WINNER Drives to Missouri!!
Copart $175 Chevy Malibu car GIVEAWAY WINNER Drives to Missouri!!

Copart $175 Chevy Malibu car GIVEAWAY WINNER Drives to Missouri!!

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All Hip Hop TV!

that's the most ugly wood grain tesla could of put in that car could of been better for a new age car lol!


Whatever happened to your 7.3?

Midnight Club

Randy I have a question! So I went up to my local copart in St Louis Missouri to look at a truck they told me that the truck I wanted to look at was in a different sub lot and I was not allowed to view it at all! Does this sound right? How can I not see a car before I bid one it?


My man Silverback!! You go brother!


I was stationed up in Enid, Vance AFB 1980’s. Lived in NW OKC in the 80’s as well….it’s a nice place to visit.

Takeo Mack

Great video Randy!

Tylice Crookedneck

Randy getting to snobby . Sounds like my charger .


I really enjoy seeing you and tk together!
But your videos lately has the same contents,And I feel like watching reruns of Gomer pyle. LoL
Pleaseeeeeee do something about it🙏
Good luck

John C Cargill

I missed something, where did the tesla come from?

mike rule

your laugh reminds me of jim carrys the


What year Malibu? How many miles on it? That''s a V6 3.1 should make it no problems good motor in it unlike the new Malibu's had a 2017 & transmission died in it.

Benjamim wilson

As long as it dont overheat should be fine i could use car or parts from it i have a 03 olds alero on its last leg

Guy Parker

Hey let me know if the chocolate lab needs a home she is beautiful we go really well with my black lab and then I have a old English bulldog and then I have a golden girl which she is Great Pyrenees I am glad that you got a nice car and I see that the vet is totally gone in the GM will actually make it back to St. Louis that’s where I am living born and raised because and GM


Anyone named silverback is a pit master

danh nguyen

You mean tesla model x

Abdulla Alsh7i

Love your channel.
Greetings from the UAE🇦🇪


I’m sure it’ll make it. I’d drive any Saturn any GM that kinda distance. My red Saturn ion sat for nearly 2 years I checked all the fluids and there condition and it fired right up like it was just running yesterday

Bacon Amry

No Greg

Delbert Alt

Congrats to Silverback for winning the Chevy Malibu!!! I love this giveaway !!! Randy and TK you guys are such upstanding guys!!! Keep bringing on the content 99.9% of your viewers Love it!!!

Mark K

To the people that keep bitching about TK, he is Randy's friend. Randy is entitled to hang around with who he wants to. The people that are bitching are bringing way to much drama to the channel. Surely you must have better things to do in life then bitch all the time. Give it up all ready. TK and Randy both did a great thing giving a car away. I would really hate to live next to all the bitchers.

nabila B

Why TK repeat the same video ?

Joshua S Lawrence

Help me out

Lance Foster

🇨🇱 You forgot to tell us what brand of toilet paper does the Tesla use to wipe your

Micah Bush

It will make it

Bruno Gomes

The beat of all vídeo it's the Lincoln. 😀


0:35 🧡🖤

Basikam Shankar

If i win my no.6304343715

Hunter Jarvis

Ey I'm from Missouri

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