Copart Walk Around 12-19-2020 + 1966 Impala 327 $1200!!!

Copart Walk Around 12-19-2020 + 1966 Impala 327 $1200!!!

21 grudnia, 2021
21 komentarzy

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Copart Walk Around 12-19-2020 + 1966 Impala 327 $1200!!!

#Copart #Salvage #Auction

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Comments (21)


you have to buy the impala

Rusty Nail

Car addiction is better than any drug. Car addiction is better than sex.

Tracies Campbell

Audi S8 and not into bad condition that can be repaired

S Kleeman

Factory a/c too,a good driver condition’66 Impala

Antonio Mcdonald

Buy it it's calling you..

dean robertson

Buy it

Edgar Ribeiro dos Santos

Get the Impala man! This is what you do. You feel for the cars like no other …find a home for the poor classic jewel

Gmail Gmail

I like how he refers to everything as SHE. I just think it sounds funny we don't really hear that up here in Manhattan

Eddie Adkins

You need these car man you no you do lol

James Cherry

Stop yakking and bought a car for somebody else get it you too good of a person to let that costed by get it

Vacation sounds

YOU NEED IT !!!!!!!!

Barbara Troha

Please, please, please

Barbara Troha

4 star beauty,,impala

Barbara Troha

Olive green interior it would be exactly like mine

Barbara Troha

Call her Herbie

Barbara Troha

Do you deliver

Barbara Troha

Yeap, this is the impala😁 just like my first car. Loved that car

Dip Dip Potato Chip

That Impala is amazing

Colin Boyden

i meant randy

Colin Boyden

please buy it andy

Luis Guillen

I ended up buying the impala..great car got qll the interior pulled out and passenger side floor pan was rusted out, tail lights had no light bulbs and valve cover was leaking oil