Copart Walk Around 12-19-21 + 1988 Ford F150 Full of Stuff!! AM

Copart Walk Around 12-19-21 + 1988 Ford F150 Full of Stuff!! AM

27 grudnia, 2021
32 komentarze

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Comments (32)


Look at the Grand Prix that was next to it randy the Ford

chase jones

On those ford's it tells you what motor it is on the intake manifold

Leo Felix

Merry Merry Christmas to you and family thank you for 1 more wonderful year

Jennae Mullins

Get it 4 Jessica 🎁🎄

Douglas Evans

Awesome cool 🆒️ 😎 👍

markam campbell

i will give them 100 bucks for the truck.

C money

Me and my wife has a 14 ml 350 and they are really nice mine is black with that same interior

jimmy Reynolds

God bless you

jimmy Reynolds

God is good

George Bounds

I'd love to own the truck. To fix up.

Jean-Marc Feldman - VLOG, pet and journal channel

Could Jessica use the Mercedes? It is pricey, but it would be a great and safe purchase for her.

the big legendary andre

But when it comes to your personal stuff you could drop all the money in the world I guess you don't care about Jessica I don't know a motorcycle a Tesla I3 BMW several trucks several trailers the list goes on and on

the big legendary andre

That Hyundai has not been there for a long it's too clean for all the dust in the area

Bruce Brown

You should buy the ford truck


buy the suv for wifey… yeah its a little expensive but a low milage car, you know how to fix cars screw the warranty

Alan Moore

2019 in the Accent was the last year for a conventional automatic. Something like 28 city 38 highway. 2020 and up are CVT and the fuel mileage is significantly better. Like 33 city 41 highway. I'd still get an 18-19 because they're THAT nice for a small car. But I would be looking for that '20 if it exists. If that was $6500, clean title, no branding, I'd do just like with the Sonic, tidy it up, drive it for awhile, maybe pick up a starter kit and try my hand at paintless dent repair, buy a couple clips for that front bumper, and then sell it later for a good profit or run it a few years until it's worth $6500 private party and sell it for what I had in it and have driven it for free the whole time.


F150 is definitely a Randy style hooptie. I think there's content there – a will it run, a clean it up video, a "what is all this crap in the back" video, a fix the windows and stuff video and then send it down the road. If it's been there that long I can't imagine it will sell for very much, as long as it's under a grand a couple videos aught to pay for itself. Plus I am sure when you sell it it will bring about the same as what you pay for it. I would just make sure the motor turns before bidding on it.

William Terry

ML350 retails at approx $14k with a clean title and CARFAX as of 12/19/21. So, 15.5k is a stretch……

Red Phoenix

1:25 Yes but it is a Honday, not a Honda, and they aren't that valuable to begin with.

William James Lindenberg

RANDY BOY From Oklahoma merry christmas from philippines sooner or Later i'll be back to my home town new Jersey see ya

Takeo Mack

Another great Video Randy! Much appreciated brother! 👍

Jeff Dumas

I like your video and I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas Randy .

Becky Staggs

I don't know why but it is interesting to see an 11 year difference in that 88 ford f150 versus my husband's 1999 f150. Just the bodystyle has changed drastically. It is just interesting to me idk why

Ricky Hammond

Why are all these cars you look at so F@%&^*@g Dirty?

Adam Guthrie

Hey Randy I thought ya’ll was gettin’ Mrs. Shear a Jag I-Pace?! Not that Jessica doesn’t have some nice cars to drive but I’d love to see her get something nice she wants.

Mark Copland

Randy,im going to correct you on kids,it selfish greedy and heartless Lol.

Wrik Sen

Mercedes and the Hyundai, both looked awesome


ML350= Mrs Shears Christmas gift! Make it happen buddy!!!!


The 88 F150, I'm amazed that the cab behind the doors is solid. Up here in Pa, that's the 1st thing to rust on these.

Tommy Hall

Good to see you again buddy good luck win all of the cars see you soon

Rich Roggio

Randy that mercedes was nice!!

Ian Dixon

Hell..I like this Mercedes it would be a good car for my fiancée Jessica. It would need a clean at auto spar and we could call in heyseus to give it a check over.Then after a week take it down to iaa auctions and sell it! Sound familiar?