Copart Walk Around 12-31-19 + $1600 Duramax 6.6
Copart Walk Around 12-31-19 + $1600 Duramax 6.6

Copart Walk Around 12-31-19 + $1600 Duramax 6.6

Find the true history of salvage auction cars:
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Larry Anthens

They took it yo a paint shop. they marked all of that.

Joe G.

You should get the grand marquis persition track


STAY AWAY FROM THE SONATA PLEASE! Those cars have a recall for the engine bearings which cause them to go bad early

Dan Labelle

Bye it

Dan Labelle

Stay away

Dan Labelle

Need booster

timothy fritsch

happy newyear there umm i know i know i mentioned it before butt be nice to see you buy back older stuff alot more 20-25-30 years ago even try it for a month ,,not really into flippin unless someone ask,s me to find something im in northern italy alot and i at times have a fresh market to hunt cause believe me there all here lots of old american stuff lots of bases and airfields with our boys all around last 60 years ,,so get any strange questions or client who want euro stuff lemme know,,,,, as i have hundreds of questions for you also i missed alot i just tend to stay old ,,one or two owner stuff i learn from you everytime so thank,s

Marcus Edwards

That hissing sound sounds like the brake booster


Randy take your time on old junk cars like the beretta, i love to see those ✌️

Scott Mackintosh

Had an 04 TB myself with high mileage – always reliable, only had problems in two areas: fan clutch would only last about 75K, it was totally different from any other GM fan clutch, and the blend door actuator would go from time to time, but that was a cheap and easy part.

Carl Bauer

How do I get in contact I want the d max cash in hand

Eric Drummond

Cool stuff bro another solid video keep up the great work and I'll catch you on the next one LOL she said no fast when you ask her if she want to be on camera 😂


Starter Button.
A number of years ago, there was a bunch of scammers who rigged cars up to sell a "Clean Spark" device that was suppose to improve gas mileage.
They would demonstrate the device at swap meets and such.
The hidden starter button was the key to show the device worked.
Eventually the gang was caught and sent to prison.
It was mostly in California. I'm surprised it made it to Oklahoma.

Gamer Dad

Really….really wish i had a copart lot near me.


Jessica is getting braver, good to see her appear on a vid 👍

Jesus Hernandez

Bro I like your videos. What I don't like is that you always do…Mercedes.. Chevy trucks.. Mazdas or corvets. Like in this video. You had a nice looking Toyota. Instead you focused on that Crown Vic. Please include more models more SUV'S. TOYOTAS,HONDAS, I love the 80' 90's and early 2000's. Thanks.

Rusty Nail

Randy walk away from the Mercedes. Those are pricey repairs. ABS and traction control nightmares

Greg DeBerry

On the Duramax the emblems say it is an LT model. I thought all LT trucks had leather seats. I have a 2003 like that one, and the leather was standard. It looks like a good deal.

adam Olson

Can do an grand am

adam Olson

2000 grand am

joseph stankiewicz

so randy it.s a low price looks great but it is a cheap price but i guess it when not sell for under 5 grand it.s a game i been to the game u know if got a sucker guys will bet u up if they win see it next week no lose or gain see u next week see i see see five guys betting me up they all work for the company u am make more money just cheaking the web and buying cheaper cars so do u like work for co part so u say u work for self when i worked for self nobody gave me 3 weeks off so let me say good buy so i don.t will to fight

k Stacey

Be nice to see you buy something and get it running and sold


I sure wish I li ed closer to you, do I could be a customer, or you could come to Atlanta for me


It appears other bidders sobatoge some of the cars trucks so people wont bid. Is copart aware of this practice?

Clyde Smith

I would take red truck before get the trailbazer

Magda Gongora

Send me that gmc home..

James Deeds

I have owned three of the trail blazers and when you saw those chunks in the transmission of the 04 its a transmission issue trust me

Ryan Joe

i never know them let you start the cars up at the insurance auction

Lenny Lovedy

Fluid and filter change be just fine

William Southard

I whould buy that truck now I had wanted it seemed like it run forever I think I had about 300,000 mi on it

ford nut

My thoughts on the E350.. it can stay where it's at.

Colin Boyden

buy it randy

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