Copart Walk Around 2-6-21 + $100 Nissan Altima 3.5R

Copart Walk Around 2-6-21 + $100 Nissan Altima 3.5R

28 grudnia, 2021
28 komentarzy

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Copart Walk Around 2-6-21 + $100 Nissan Altima 3.5R

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Comments (28)

John Putney

V6 Altimas are good, it's the 2.5 you have to avoid. I'd probably go up to $2,100 on it.

Bobby Serchion

I would buy it I would


I feel claiming, frame damage is to simple even jack up the left front to see the frame/ show the frame!!!

Shrek Ogre

Pontiac Aztek is still as hideous as it was the day it came out. Stay away from that Altima's with that high mileage. It's a CVT trans.


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Jim Rowlings

Or put a stick in it

Jim Rowlings

Yes bid if it's cheap enough u could put a used trans in it cbt trans r ok if they r maintained it's just because they have s belt like a snowmobile

JustAguy Productions

You look so much happier now that u have a new house

Tony B

Get the Pilot next to the Toureg. i didn't think I would like one, until I bought a non runner and put in a motor/trans. I love it.


What do you think about the GM 3.5 L4Z that sold in the Pontiac 6G with the 4T45E ?

Pedro Zambone

The merc is leaking Power Steering and Transmission fluid

Carl Lemke

The Nissan looks nice if it’s been there a while might be able to get it cheap if so replace the pan and see if it goes

Carl Lemke

That clunk was loud but it’s a no e ride so take a chance on it and at worst you double your money


What is CDS?

Dirty Circles

Dude ive had 3 cars with a cvt trans all were bought new and had over 200k on them when sold never one trans problem.

Crazy v

No guts no glory!!

Orlando Crawford

Randy what is cds..

Richard Edwards

I like the E-class. Mainly for nostalgia reasons. But 1998 was a very long time ago now.

Jay Pence

CVT stands for Crappy Vehicle Transmission

Jeff Tan

Randy, I just reviewed the other video with the 2019 Silverado and wondering what would it take to put all the good components on the 2019 to the 2016 that has a much better chance of being put back on the road? Could be great content to swap and rebuild from the ground up like the Corvette videos, but better. Let’s see if it’s possible with newer vehicles like this.

David Taylor

For the love of God get a small pair of Vice Grips to hold hood's up.

David Taylor

You can back charge through the lighter if it works.


I remember watching your first copart flip on the Pontiac a few years ago. I was amazed on how you got such good profit and a wonderful running car for so cheap.

George Matsumoto

It does have the CVT trans. If its going for $100, it's a steal !

Khalid Edros

Toureg = NEVER!!!!

Steven Clark

Take the risk on the Nissan.

Mickael Synnott

The E430 is junk 0$

Daniel Martin

Id bid on the Altima I like those car there nice n good running but yea dont like the SV