Copart Walk Around 7-29-21 + Super RARE 1961 Ford Econ-O-Line Van!!
Copart Walk Around 7-29-21 + Super RARE 1961 Ford Econ-O-Line Van!!

Copart Walk Around 7-29-21 + Super RARE 1961 Ford Econ-O-Line Van!!

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Uwagi (21)

Rc Enthusiast

Nissan Juke are not on my Xmas list

Gerred Stallings

My dad had a old van like this only a doge

James Surveyor

Probably not a 61. It would have been a Falcon, if it was a 61. I owned one when I was about 18. It was a window van. A former Tom's potatoe chip delivery van with about a quarter million miles on it. 200 cubic inch six cylinder.

jay longton

The van has a 170 cubic inch inline 6 in it. Buy it and flip it. I'm interested.


Id love to have that old ford Econoline that van looks awesome

James Ball

Those are getting very hard to find the van that is you should jump on it if you haven't already.

Hesham Elhashmey

i think that panamera is in very good condition, whey she still in their I don't know, is she on a limited price ?? maybe…

Rc Enthusiast

Yo Randy do you sometime forget the damage of a car when you sit

Rc Enthusiast

Sonic are really small car, knees in the dash for 6feet tall people

Rc Enthusiast

I don’t have any issues with the Chevy sonic I think they are great lil cars

Rc Enthusiast

One thing I still don’t understand in new cars is that they still don’t all come with cruise control

Rob Helton

Most of them vans had the 300 straight 6 that's one of the best motors Ford ever made can't kill them at all

Rc Enthusiast

I think the porches looks good. I like the interior colour

Rc Enthusiast

I think wagons and vans and cool AF. Especially when one of them can kick ass

Albert A

Put your go pro in bag then in refrigerator overnight, see if that works.


That van is hardly even a cabover. The cab is almost in front of the engine instead.

Barry Thacker

My friend has one of these 61 models. It is fixed up nice. He takes it to van shows.


300k subscribers??

Jarred Altman

The mustangs system prob thought it was about to roll which is why it deployed the side bags imo

Ryan Pomedli

I love the van!

Rob Helton

My dad had 2 of them vans one was a 65 and the other was a 67 extended one it was a little longer than the 65 they was fun to drive and damn good in the snow

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Jakub Wilk

Dziękujemy za odwiedziny i mamy nadzieję że znaleźliśmy dla Państwa auto z importu.



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