Copart Walk Around 8-1-2020 + 2014 Chevy Corvette $12500!!
Copart Walk Around 8-1-2020 + 2014 Chevy Corvette $12500!!

Copart Walk Around 8-1-2020 + 2014 Chevy Corvette $12500!!

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Sebastian Larcher de Brito

Hey Randy, very strange story with that corvette, but it seems like it would drive just fine


Flip the Vette!

SimpLee Beth

I was just telling TK that Kia's are good vehicles. We saw a pretty one 😊

SimpLee Beth

I'm not a big sports car girl, more of a classic muscle car type, but I'm a sucker for pretty white cars. That 'vette is mighty pretty 👀👀👀

Keith Wilson

Why don't you buy something nice from the salvage yard and do up lol


The vette had a US airforce license frame on it, could the person be either deployed or maybe passed away? Would they salvage a car if they can't find the keys for it?

David Johnson

Randy I just saw a video by PHARRAWAY on YouTube fixing Hail damage pickup! Look it up it's amazing how they just disappear! If you get one maybe look him up I think he's near you. His paint work is second to none! He does everything in his garage!

Kayla Quezada

Cartel car, mite just have drugs or guns in side It said dont touch

Michael J

Corvette is a theft recovery – Was left in a private parking lot and eventually towed. No key = can start to run engine or get miles.

Anthony Delucia

Bob Howard did it lol

Robert Francis

I'm sorry but that Kia is ugly

Catrena Russaw

So that's were my Corvette whent

Roy Martinez

I want it


So did you get this vette? I'm in the market for a cheap 2014 plus vette

Jashu Chaudhary

Is car engine working? If yes I’m interesting. Thanks

Keith Birdsong

Go talk to an older repair tech at GM I bet they have a thought or two

Chinedu Ifeanyi

It's such a car deal still available. I am really interested in such cheap sports automobile deals

Kaido Nurgberg

So the DOT code on tyres say when the are made not when they are put on. Just thought to correct you 🙂

Lou Aliberti

More reviews in the Rain Please !!!

bob smith

Randy, did you ever find out what the deal was on the vette? A 2014 for $12,500. Something is weird here.

troy tucker

2020 vette is drug pay off car or some political money moving technecque. something criminal. . how much is it selling for or is it even for sale. no touch it says…why not? maybe full of money


why did you post $12000 you didn't know what copart is asking alot of the ones I have seen they're asking way too much probably asking $48000 for that car.

Mathew Dick

It was absconded during covid because of payments and with the semiconductor shortage they probably cant cut a key


$12500??? Was that the current bid when you filmed this or was that the price it sold for?

Juan Salad Czar

It’s a 14 it probably suffered lifter failure & trashed the motor. 14-18 were known to have lifter failure due to displacement on demand problems. I own a 14 & have it tuned to stay in V8 mode 100% of the time to avoid this common issue brah

That’s a Z51 car too

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Jakub Wilk

Dziękujemy za odwiedziny i mamy nadzieję że znaleźliśmy dla Państwa auto z importu.



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