Copart Walk Around and Purchase 2018 Chevy Equinox
Copart Walk Around and Purchase 2018 Chevy Equinox

Copart Walk Around and Purchase 2018 Chevy Equinox

In this video I we go through our copart Walk around, as well as pick up the 2018 Chevy equinox flood car we won at copart.
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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More videos coming soon on the copart equinox and what else did we win this week? Stay tuned.

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Auto Auction Rebuilds

Hell of a score TK!

kenny wallen

Jag is nice

Richard Flower

They are really good cars and really good on gas.


Use the belt , it can safe your life

Keenan Wilson

Bad camera all we see is rocks

Bill T

Your videos are better than I thought they would be, but you need a better opening.

Thomas Mcintosh

enjoyed the copart walk around

Will Williams

Honda is a pile of junk should have burnt to the ground

Kelly Hamilton

Bio=pee=heartache driver passed away on shoulder of road….js

SimpLee Beth


Split Shift

Great to see you back brother

shisul uchihatrill

You good bro

NY Diesel in Fl

Personally TK, the Honda is toast. After initial investment, ripping out the motor and going through the wiring harness, that alone would be too much investment in it. The Jaguar, I'd take a chance on, you could get a decent turn around on that. I'd hit that Trailblazer too. The 3 is a go too in my book. And the Equinox, I just may have to flip that with great haste as well. That's just me personally….

Jay Grizzley

Good video bro.

Zimmer’s Garage

Looking forward to more videos! This looks like you got a good deal


Are you playing that Honda is toast. Unless your a electrical genius I would not touch a Tesla. Do you need a dealers license to buy at Copart ? The camera is fine. The little 3 series BMW might be a go. Wow that little Chevy Equinox looks ok, easy sell. You are very right people always rebuild cars and never tell anyone what’s really up. GREAT VIDEO, THANKS TK

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Jakub Wilk

Dziękujemy za odwiedziny i mamy nadzieję że znaleźliśmy dla Państwa auto z importu.



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