Copart Walk Around + Carnage 2-11-2020 + 2017 Chevy Camaro SS
Copart Walk Around + Carnage 2-11-2020 + 2017 Chevy Camaro SS

Copart Walk Around + Carnage 2-11-2020 + 2017 Chevy Camaro SS

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The srt was 🔥


That red ss is only worth its parts and there's no guarantee on the motor and that interior stinks, only a I-4 or V6 camaro would want it anyways.

JMR Rebuilders

That mustang with the controller has some solid mods. The boss 302 intake manifold, cold air and a tune. Seemed weird the exhaust was so weak. Really good upload. Keel up the good work.

Jerry Entin

On the Jag, you needed to open the trunk that is where the battery is at. If the battery is dead you need to take the key and put it in the XJ writing on the back.

Ron Dc

3:17; Yes Randy, I love talking about when they take it from all angles. 🤣🤣 You were 👌 this close to setting yourself up for failure.

Samuel Shevels

Battery is in the back in a jag


I LOVE the M-Body Chrysler's all three of them Plymouth Gran Fury Dodge Diplomat and Chrysler Fifth Avenue they are the sister to the F-Body Dodge Aspen and Plymouth Volar'e and i have had all of them over the years Great cars!!!!!

Simson Samuelsson

Simsonism part 2

Commandment 2

SMILE AND BE HAPPY NOW you could be dead tomorrow.

Live well


Yana Smith

The scoops have no functional value. They are just to make it look cool

David Szakacs

The Chrysler was a Lean Burn

Harley Badger

Regarding the Chrysler, you're thinking of the pre-1982 models, which had either "lean burn" or an early "Electronic Fuel Injection," both of which were problematic (and discontinued.) The one in your video is an 82-84, which has a regular ole Carter 2-barrel carb. 1985 and later had a 4-barrel Holley, and both the carburated 1982 and newer 318s were bulletproof.

Thomas J. Banks

THERES A VIDEO OF THE CAR AT THE END GETTING WRECKED LOL 😂 it got hit by an Expedition lol google “mustang hit by expedition”

Curtis Mcquiston

Jag timing problems

Curtis Mcquiston

I have not watched a single video since you were losing your shop let's see if your videos are any different than they were


Randy = BIO lol

Anthony Evelyn

I see a white Pontiac Grand Prix!😂

Chris Lemaster

That Fifth avenue is an 1985 Spark Control is the olds 2BBL Lean Burn System either they work or they don't. I had a 1987 model with the two tone  Red/Silver. These cars are bullet proof with the 5.2L 318 V-8 with the 727 Torque-Flite 3 speed auto matic.

Terry Smith

on the mustang can you check the frame in the back if you let the hood up please .

remember God is always with you ❤

Good luck

David Nash

Where ARE you picking up these bugs Randy you poor thing ?

Aaron Malczewski

If you ever buy a copart car that runs rough – Snake oil by gagetman could help restore power

Riaz Yusuf

That orange BMW u had is on another guys channel I figured u sold it he was blacking out the rimz lol just something I noticed n thought id mention it lol be safe tc

Utah county Picazo's page

The white Mustang might be super charged PSE is a super charging company they also do suspension might have some money in it


Can I get your location for this car auction

Joseph Hamilton

You need to carry a small pair of voice grips with you for good shocks

Patriot usa

How can average guy buy these?

marcus limbaugh

I want every camaro corvette challenger and mustang on here

Me Myself

Im so sick of youtubers bitching

Me Myself

Stop complaining and make your money

Timothy Berlinski

If you see a car on their site and it says like current bid $5000 i am assuming that means auction started? How long are the auctions last?

ricardo ellis


David Taylor

The Jag with no compression is usually an electrical issue. Drops compression as a fail safe.

Sassy Marcum

Do you find cars for individuals looking for camaro


I've had to hold the hood with my head a few times, wait no it was the trunk when my lift supports went out.

Randy HD

Love GT 😘😘
This one how much brother

Williams Dobe Zoabli


will f

I didn't see that. Hope your not an insurance adjuster🤣. About those area's you can see a bore scope or simply a cell phone on video with the flash on can see pretty darn well.😁👍👍👍👍 And that Jag looks like a suppository on wheels 🤢 On those droopy hood struts bring a pair of mini grips with ya that will solve that issue.

Nolimitjaydee Official

should got the first truck

Zacch Workman

Any police ford taurus

Maxiiboii _

Randy ur the man for this A1 content, keep it up.

Jamar Howard

Do you have a contact, got some question to ask

Knowledge Freedom Channel

$7000 not $2250… Click Baiter!

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