Copart Walk Around + CHEAP Chevrolet Silverado Z71!!

Copart Walk Around + CHEAP Chevrolet Silverado Z71!!

27 grudnia, 2021
42 komentarze

In Today’s Video We Do Another Copart Walk Around Looking For Some Cheap Cars To Flip and Found A Cheap Chevrolet Silverado Z71!!

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Comments (42)

D 121

Which state is this?

Terry Webb

So if he wouldn't have paid the balance. He wouldn't have gotten that S/O 😂😂😂

Julio Rubalcava

How much did they sell that Silverado for

M Bobino


Kwabena Alex

You need to add cost it

Shanteen V. WM

Lexus GS

Ash Smith


Ash Smith


Ash Smith

That Ben's is wild boy yea the Ben's


Hopefully you guys get something, at least, for promoting them so heavily? Thanks for sharing, enjoy stay safe & be well.

Sirius Blaq

Do you know how much the blue Silverado was sold for?

Cortez Miller

What’s up Ray, you still hustling all day everyday!

Zaid Ahmed

Yo ock question… if I go to Copart auction can I buy a car from their yard for me Personal?!

e We

Why are Copart fee's so high that buyer fee is crazy high

Sithara Pharmacy

I won't your contec

Sithara Pharmacy

Hi what is your e mail


If it’s a is 250 is it’s a 2.5

Tony Mihon

Hello from Detroit good video Chevy is the best


Big Play Ray out in the rain,,gettin it. Whoever gave you thumbs down,,,ain't making no money,,they jealous..LOL

Shatlyk Muhammedow

Super 👍 👍 👍

Smitty !

What year is that blue Chevy Truck? That's what I'm looking for

Jeff Thornton

You are right about the Maxima. On a regular car; 100k is nothing. But Nissan has been pushing on reliability. Especially if it was built in Tennessee.
That Lexus IS hard.
C Class= Keep it moving.
2nd Lexus IS a Pass. Not worth the repairs.
Not sure; but I think that model Infinity had electrical issues. I’d advise double checking.
A lot of suckers would have bought that Bimmer for 3900.00 just to floss. Pass.
OMG. That Silverado is the reason I subscribe. I’d find out if it is a repo before I bid though. Unless it’s a repo; I wouldn’t trust it though. Nobody would give that up voluntarily. Not without a fight.
Leave the GMC. That’s too much money in repairs and I know that not your thing.

R Daddy

What's wrong with Lexus ray

R Daddy

Hustle nation ✌️ ✌️✌️ keep doing your thing Ray


GS LEX FOSHOO got a deposit on one right now good little clip stay up RAY 🤝


I just brought your course through WHD Academy, How do I log back into course ?

Michael Oliva

Lots of beautiful messed up cars and trucks!

Awesome Ezenwa

Today is Lexus's day lol..i like the Es but They'll not go for cheap 👌👌

Bigeiz Support Group

what up my dude


Honda all fuckup

Chavel Solomon

I see them conversation vans hard to find cool hustle nation stump you let’s go

Kevin Buckner

That big boi gs is clean I think I might just make that one a goal


Have you did any recent flips or cops?

Diamondstar James

Buy me that truck , I'll send you $4000 through Ca$h app and you can keep whatever left over. Lol

Marcus Lucas

Ray the cost price in my inland have beauiful in usa


It’s a 3.5 v6 for the Lexus IS


Looking good in the Lexus


Rain snow sleet your a hustler and you deliver. Great job!

Randy Wilson

I like the Lexus better over all. Miss me with the Benz

Marcus Lucas

Well ray your content is great let coming

Amr Atweri

You should get the Lexus is 250

Christy Woods

Keep them coming