Crazy New SUV Rebuild! Rebuilding a Wrecked 2015 Toyota 4Runner Limited From Copart Salvage Auction
Crazy New SUV Rebuild! Rebuilding a Wrecked 2015 Toyota 4Runner Limited From Copart Salvage Auction

Crazy New SUV Rebuild! Rebuilding a Wrecked 2015 Toyota 4Runner Limited From Copart Salvage Auction

Rebuilding a wrecked 2015 Toyota 4runner limited

Hello, I finally got a new build for my wife, its a 2015 Toyota 4runner Limited. Been trying to find one for awhile now and finally found a fully loaded awesome one. Like and subscribe to follow the journey of this build. Thank you



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Mary Ann D.

That 4Runner is my dream car!!! Keep up the good work!

رافد حمدان

I am trying to send an email but I couldn't !! please give another email because a failure note came to me when I used ( ) thank you in advance

Jose Gracia

I hope you didn't destroy the automatic transmission, by towing it with the drive shaft connected! If you tow it a few miles maybe is ok but if you tow it for hrs is going to suck for you! Good luck man!


Safety safety.. . Tetanus shot


U paid 10K repair cost is another 18K for parts and labor, etc, in your case no labor as u doing all the work. Will take a week to do at 40$/ HR.
Better to keep it then selling as will b a hard sell if buyers know it was salvage title.

Sagar Soni

For how much.. U have purchase this?

Silverio Perez

Un carro Toyota muy bueno 👍very nice suv 👍


@2:27 i'm like, but how is he gonna get away towing that without a flatbed? It's a Limited so yea, i'm curioius how that works out. 🙂


Your Wife’s Dream Car

nanakwame opoku

Can you please help me out with a car at copart without “no title” ? I want to ship it out of USA how difficult is that please. If you could help me with an explanation on how that works please. Thank you

Phanda gaming


S&L Services LLC Luis & Savanna Flores

Kondor Builds : hello there I’m in Florida and I just started my channel yesterday and would like some information on what to do in order to get my channel going and stay relevant. I’m fan of your channel. Also what’s best ways to add company logos and brand on videos and on channel itself. Thank you so much for your time have a blessed one sincerely AUTO’S R Us:: Luis Flores

John O

How much did you buy it?

ابو فهد الشمري

Hi, how are you? I'm following you from the state of Kuwait. I want to have a car
I don't know how I go and go on with me to help me with that Snape entitle Ghanim. 94

Juju Mathews

what the total cost – I mean the Copart Aution + total repairs +$$$

Mosieur Muna

That trans is fucked

Ashfaq Rana

Good brother you are very lucky nice

Jeffrey Reyes


Isuru Super Vehicles

Superb Channel friend.Subscribe my Channel friend

Faisal Onasis

I like this car

Victor Gasca

Oye saludos creen q puedan traducir a español y tomar x capítulos la reparación es. Saludos desde cdmx

madhura pmbb

i love this car……….

asi mismo Espino


Ángel castillo

Toyota 👎🏻

Adeline Nicholas

That's a Georgia O'keefe painting!!

reinier fernandez

Your are my super héroe brother. I love this car . I se copart NE I love this car.

Kwebblkop l

This car is for your wife

Keith Fogg

What's happened to kondor buldz anyone now ??

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