Daily Driven Copart 2013 Hyundai Sonata
Daily Driven Copart 2013 Hyundai Sonata

Daily Driven Copart 2013 Hyundai Sonata

Today I will be going over my Daily driver, Work truck, and Copart car. This 2013 Hyundai Sonata has only had one issue and I have really been enjoying it otherwise. Polaris Slingshot video coming soon!!!
Please let me know what I can improve on and if you enjoyed, please leave a Like and don’t forget to Subscribe!

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Joes Golden Garage

I tried to buy a 2013 sonata hybrid at the government auctioned yesterday. It sold from 9700. I Could not believe how many people bid on it. I have bought to in the past both 2012 but with higher miles and only paid 5 to $6000 this 1 only had 27000 miles however . I ended up with a 2015 fusion hybrid with 93K for $7300

علي اكرم مدرس اللغه الانكليزيه

this car worth here in iraq at least 10000$ we just like kia and hyundai … good luck


Really good informative video Austin.

Jay Smith

Idk about where you live but in NYS if it's salvage all warranties are null and void . Not a bad little car for $5,000 and you could have that pulled out so the trunk works properly if you wanted . I think you could have got more views if you posted a copart daily so people could see that you can drive a salvage car without an issue .


Hyundai and Kia have a big reputation to protect now. They have come a long way from the Mitsi powered rust buckets they started out as. The reliability is generally very good now so they have to protect customers when they get it wrong. It's great to see they even covered a Copart wreck under the recall

Monty Holland

25th LOL

Monty Holland

GREAT video

John Vickers

Like subscribe and share this video

John Vickers

Hey how do the dealers go with a salvage. Title

Robert Brady

hi Austin how are you doing today stay safe

Jon Smith 12

My 2014 Hybrid was just recently paid off, got hit and run smacked in the LR. Totaled, and at Co Part coming up for auction. Original owner, 134,000 miles, and always reliable. Never an issue with the 2.4 engine. Was hoping to see it make 200,000 miles, but oh well!

Jay Hubbard

Ya I'm going to try and win one of those car's

Lawrence Jackson

Nice AC can't wait for the video on the truck.

Auto Auction Rebuilds


Barry S

I have a 2017 Kia Sorento with this engine and I got a letter from Kia to bring it in for a knock sensor software update. They said if I had the software update performed, I would get a lifetime warranty on the engine. I had it done. It sure sounds like a pretty good deal to me. Too bad other car manufactures don't stand behind their flawed engines like Hyundai and Kia have with this engine.

Jacob Emerson

Same thing happened to my Coworker’s Kia Sorrento. It was well out of warranty so he took it to his mechanic expecting a big out of pocket expense, his mechanic contacted Kia and surprisingly they covered a brand new engine, labor and all

Gen X Scrappin


Michael Coffey

Cool 😋

Mr. Fluffy

Much support to ur channel's great content on ur video's and live stream

Mr. Fluffy

What's uppp Austin

Charles Banton

Good videos buddy …😁

Real Trucker

Hey Austin, hello from the UK, hope all is well over there.


I also purchased a 2013 Hyundai Sonata gls with 92k miles for $5000 my check engine light is on and I was told that there are transmission sensors. When I drive it a very low speeds and I’m braking it sort of pulls or lags the car a little what do you think the problem could be?
Thanks 🙏

Lou Giordano

It’s probably got a burnt out tail light haha. It’s the Kia/Hyundai plague.

Phillip Claridge

Hyundai are great cars – I currently have two and will not hear a word against them!

Green Hawk Drive

like the video on the sonata!!! hopefully more in the future?

Carmen Green Jr.

Hey man, great detailed review, without the fluff and stuff most people dont really care about in a daily driver.
You have one new subscriber.


Smart move get the oil changed at the dealer. I have the same car my I got mine with 21000 the engine went at 64000 miles I have over 88000 on it now. I had to get my knock sensor replaced too at the dealer no charge

Jeep Fanboy 3692

I remember my mom had a 2013 brand new it was a really nice car I liked the sound system in it. She has a 2015 sport. It drives really nice. It's been great it only has under 25,000 miles on it

Matthew Spees

Does that car have the auto start/stop feature? Where it shuts engine off at traffic light?

Patrica Pearson

It's good to hear about a reliable car, Austin. Lucky Nation is everywhere!!


Not a bad car man

Dealer Auction Nightmare

I'm surprised Hyundai replaced anything on a salvage vehicle….

PAUL 1961

nice to hear the dealership out there stands by it's warrenty on the recalls and engines,great channel Paul from Winnipeg Canada

R.E.K Real Estate

You have to keep the car clean bro keep pushing god bless

Alesky Finis

Ok 👌


Nice story, Austin. Hope the car will work for a long time for you.

Noah Holz

great video austin!

JrZ CarZ

Hey Austin, my wife has a 2013 Sonata and it spun EVERY rod bearing about 2 months ago. I'll bet the mains are spun too. If you're interested, check my channel out, I have a lot of detail on it. Hyundai told me no dice on an engine replacement being 135k miles so I attempted repairs. Love the car, but the engine is toast

James Nasto

You bought a sonata from copart that was a hail damaged total insurance loss, the engine seized, and Hyundai replaced your engine for free. You’re also saying that a Sonata from CoPart May be a good buy of they have a low mileage replacement engine since many of them fail.


I don't think much scrap would fit in that trunk, so wouldn't work for me as a truck lol. I've had all kinds of cars in the 100k range spin rod bearings, good to see a car co that stands behind their engines.


Dang you scored on that Hyundai big time. i would straighten the metal up behind that back bumper skin and see if that allows you to line the bumper back up properly or not. pretty sure if the pan metal is just bent up in the spare tire well you could get yourself a porta power cheap from Harbor freight to push that metal back out straight slowly. wasn't aware about that issue with those motors though that recall info is handy. what years does that cover? might be useful info for future copart purchases

Richard Kafka

Hyundai's have come a long way! Glad to see a new upload. Keep it up!

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