Fixing the $1650 Copart 2012 Chevy Impala - Selling for $4800
Fixing the $1650 Copart 2012 Chevy Impala - Selling for $4800

Fixing the $1650 Copart 2012 Chevy Impala – Selling for $4800

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Music (Outro): Astray featuring Madi Larson

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Uwagi (26)

Ian M. Scarlett

Next time just grease the splines, but more importantly torque the drive shaft locking nuts

Rexen Prime

Im surprised you didn't ruin the brake lines…


I rather hear you explaining some of the work you are doing. Perhaps some music and then some talk?

Frank Sunden

Nice video,well done ! It sucks when they turn out so well that you wont to keep it,should be a very easy sale !

Judy Dela Cruz

The music matches the speed of the video.

Kevin Johnson

I think you do a great job with your videos. Maybe just me, but knowing 3 out of 4 wheel hubs were bad, I would probably have changed the 4th wheel hub as well. Maybe not, just a thought.

Robert Rowlin

Would like to hear some nickel back or 3 doors down in your videos I’m pretty sure you can get them for free on YouTube.


That was when you were fixing cars. Now you’re just buying them have fixing some stuff and reselling it on weird’s lot. Go back to quality fixes like back then when you were doing a good job.

Michael Murphy

I love that music

Mike Oxbig

What type of battery operated driver and size did you use? Manufacturer?


GM what is the specs on the Torque Wrench your using and do you buy tools used or new ? Thanks In advance .

Jeff Jackson

You didnt put the torx bolt back on the rotors on both sides?

phil arp


Paul Johansson

Nice repair job on the bumper.

Sean Skinner

Great video had to do them on the old Chrysler van I had. Had to heat up, 10 Years of salt&rust. You make it look so easy. But yes just hit up hub lock but with a 1/2 inch torque wrench.

Abel Wrate

Everything was great. The music sounded good.

Elijah Mcgee

Dam man your fast. L.o.l


31 people like myself live in the rust belt area….(Salt is truly a 4 letter word here…)… And we all got PO'd when that hub just 'fell out' without to much effort…… That's frankly a huge job with a lot of swearing, PB blaster…..sledge….etc…

Alan Deacon

Liked watching this In England

Mike Wiebers

Quite often you repair a 🚘 and want to keep it 😆 . I liked your selection of music. At least not screaming guitar 🎸🎸🎸!


I found a new Volvo Looked Awesome

Ricky G

Love the background music. Very well done! You've got my vote!

Nathaniel Gould

Great video and the back ground music was okay by me

Cam Mims

Good vid. I love restoring these body style IMPALAS. I've Bought 4 07 impala SS All Around 160k to 180k And ppl will pay top mofo Dollar for those 5.3 V8s!
Been offered $3k Cash like come on Down and buy it then!
Also what were The Sings of bad Wheel Hubs?

George Dreikha Jamale

Nice video bro
That impala looks amazing!!

Cam Mims

What did you buy the Impala For ? How much You Put into it? How much Profit you make?

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