FLIPPING A Copart $1100 03 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4x4
FLIPPING A Copart $1100 03 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4x4

FLIPPING A Copart $1100 03 Ford F-250 Super Duty 4×4

We finally pick up our Copart buy, it started right up. Drove great and runs like new! Check it out and tell me what you think!! As always thanks for the support!

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Uwagi (39)

Will McCormack

You got to turn on the ignition with the dome lights on on the dash then turn on your head fog lights

علي اكرم مدرس اللغه الانكليزيه

In my country iraq if you want buy it. .it cost at least 10000$$

Will Byrd

I would love to have that truck

max rivera

That's awesome, I just paid 1300 for a f350 v8 with the 5.4 nothing wrong with the engine just the bed and fender

The Beige Wonder

This is my Favorite Ford

Preston Covell

Is this a diesel?

Tony Bob

Nice he should fix it up a little and keep it

Auto Auction Rebuilds

I've seen tons with the 5.4L.

Keith Happens

Copart is awesome. I bought my 2003 Ford F250 5.4L 4×4 from there this past Summer for $700. It isn't as pretty as this one but it was a former fleet truck with only 163k miles on it. It's a god awful yellow, but I got a lot of truck for that $700. I replaced the front bumper, right front fender and Pitman arm and it runs like a dream. I've gotta get rid of the yellow though, lol.

Keith Collins

I got an 04 just like it. Putting an engine in it. Bought it with bad engine.

Brian Albert

That girl repeating everything is freaking annoying. I am dumber having watch this.

Gilbert Franklin

Brit made me think of the Conway Twitty song; "And she knew I saw right through her tight fitting jeans"… 😉

Michael Estrada Jr



Are you a dealer? Your definitely selling a lot of cars.

Budget Build

Nice buy great video

Michael Marange

Dang, now I know who outbid me on that truck. 🙁 Guess I need to put the deposit down. 🙂 Also the 4X4 has both locking hubs as well as a switch on the dash to the right of the steering column. Unfortunately, the 5.4 is way underpowered for a 3/4 ton truck, but pulling one or two cars shouldn't have a problem. I towed a 40 Travel Trailer with a 1/2 ton with the 5.4 years ago, just add a load-leveling hitch.

Tom Aiger

nice truck, steele will be happy 😉

maybe the frame is bend?

Sam Hagins

700 subs, congrats

Dean Labbe

I would think you have a money maker there. Front body damaged is all unbolt and replace. The rest of the truck looks really good. By the time you get the title it will be ready for delivery and a taillight guarantee. guaranteed until the tail lights are out of sight.

phillip shevchenko

It's all about those old early 2000's f250's. I recently purchased a 1999 f250 crew cab Lariat 5.4 2 valve for $2500. It was sitting out in the woods for a few years. Had a stuck valve. So, I invested over 10k into completely restoring the truck to a brand new truck. Body, frame, and power-train has been rebuilt/powercoated. I will be making a video. I'll take that 1999 f250 over a brand new f250.

bar gans

ok that thing is nice for that money

Julie Proctor

Yes I got 4 of them


Sorry to say this but girl was annoying af, saying the exact se thing you said again just to get her nose into the video, smh

Will Meyer

a sucker is born every minute

I am Jason

Any update with the ford? How’s it running ?


I want to buy it


Where can I find it


Is it sold already?

Fords suck

Where from michigan are you from?

bar gans

both my f250's have 5.4's in them

Alexander Surratt

This is sick for $1,100✅

SS 81

I had a 2003 5.4L F-350,put up to 297,000 Miles on it and put it on sale.I have a 2002 5.4L F-150 with 204,000 Miles.I actually like both Trucks and they are both 4×4.

Trevor Henry

I would like to assist you in your truck knowledge please. This was pretty hard for me to follow and understand where you learnt what you know..

Trevor Henry

Yo. I have 2005 and my brother 2004 5.4s we love them.


Locking hubs are the best getting rid of them was the biggest mistake trucks did and getting rid of the shifter too you don’t know what your talking about

ColMustard 1820

Found one for a $1000. Body is fine and it runs fine. Same model but it’s dark blue.

Harrison M.

You should should put a ranch hand bumper guard on front & the rear.

Dylan DeCarli

I’ve got 2 5.4 250s at home

S. Morningstar

I have an 02 f250 with the 5.4, paid 2k and was sound mechanically, and on the exterior beside the paint. Great investment, these 5.4 2v’s are tanks if you take care of them. 5w20 or 5w30 only

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