GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax Flood SUPER CHEAP, Copart Walk Around

GMC Sierra 2500HD Duramax Flood SUPER CHEAP, Copart Walk Around

2 stycznia, 2022
28 komentarzy

In Todays video I do a copart walk around, I may have found the cheapest GMC Sierra 2500 HD In the country. It runs and drives, It is a flood vehicle. I also take a look at a corvette project that comes with ALL the parts needed to finish it for CHEAP.
Let me know what you think in the comments below. Stay tuned major giveaway announcement coming soon.

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Comments (28)

Kurt Browning

Where can i get a update on vehicles

Fernando Arevalo

That' lincoln was nice.


Pulled the trigger today trying to get a Denali from auction! 💯💯💯 great content

Austin Moslander

Please let me know this is my dream truck

Austin Moslander

Where is this truck located anyone know and know if it's still available to buy I'm interested

Revelation 22:20

I think the fact that there is a no jump sticker on that hammer says it all

baha abouda

March 2021 comment. This Salvage car was sold Date of sale: 05.06.2019 by 15k with Rollover Damage before this TK's establish this video .so it sold again Date of sale: 07.12.2020 30k. so I guess the salvage seller has to make 15k as profit from this car which is a good investment. overall Coprat is not a good place to pay car for personal use.

B Wojak

What the hell happened with the super cheap Duramax.

Onix Fojo

Does anyone know the year?

Clean Car

Lmaoo in the intro I thought he was filming some random dude bc I couldn’t see the mouth moving

Tracy Clark

Never checked the oil.

رقيب شمالي

Wow very nice

Eddie Rodgers

Go for it n

theodore ko

Don’t you have to put the car in your name from that state . Then you take it to your state and get transfer again. That what I had to do when I got a car from Michigan.

Frank Wieler

Is that black denali for sale by any chance?

Javier Esquivel


Heart 1985

That Truck sold today Dec 7th for 30K and still need to pay Fees & Tax that's ridiculous 😒..way over pay.

Doc Holiday

Copart crap has been full blown retail as if it was on a dealers lot……i dont even bother anymore only destruction title for parts

shaftys gaming

That cluster panel didn't look anything like mine,I had a 16 Denali the cluster would say Denali on it wonder if it was changed

Jaime S

what part of the united states is that place

brian franco

Did the carpets get wet in the denali?

C Croson

Is it for sale and how much

Oscar Cruz

I would like you to put in what part and the location that you put in the video

Randy JZ

Time To Go Bid This Truck Up 😂😂Jk

Alex Torres

I would be interested in this truck if its available

J Burner_03

Came across your channel today. Definitely gonna subscribe and continue watching. Thanks for tbe good content.

C Bro

The duranax wouldn’t be a bad truck but honestly where the water line is on the door imagine all the build up of sand and salt water residue under seal plate by the door and all the connectors and wires that go under there. But over all nice lookin truck love the diesels.


Can u get me one??