High Mileage 4Runner Review

High Mileage 4Runner Review

31 grudnia, 2021
37 komentarzy

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In today’s video, we are reviewing a 2004 Toyota 4Runner with 196k miles. We purchased this vehicle from a private party here in Colorado for only $1900, making this the cheapest running and driving 4Runner for sale in the nation (for this year). We also announced our first giveaway! Instructions are in the video, and a link to the product we are giving away is worth over $100!


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Comments (37)

Bebe's Life

I bought a 2004 4runner for $1500! It’s not as nice as yours though 2wd v6 with rougher interior and 220k miles. It needed work but I got it on the road for cheap.I wish I had the 5 speed 4wd and maybe the v8 if I could choose. But so far this has been a great vehicle for what it is and what I got it for. It’s been in one accident since I owned, (I wasn’t driving) and it took it like a tank! The 2018 Honda CRV wasn’t as lucky. And about the speed being nothing special, I come from small 4 cylinder sedans like a 1993 Corolla, Chevy Cruze 1.4 2019 Camry, 2011 Grand Caravan, and my own 2002 F150 5.4 and the 4runner will “out4run”everything except for the dodge (the Chrysler 3.6 with the 6 speed is a bit of a rocket). The 4runner is not at all slow and will probably keep up with Honda civics lol. Some guy in an older Chevy Silverado 5.3 ,4 speed probably, tried racing me but the 4runner walked away. It’s a good little truck with some power to!


the way he down played one of the greatest trucks ever made

Sylvester Adim

This dude knows nothing about the beast called 4runner.. 😂😂

762 Hrvatski

This guy sucks.

Jorge De La Cruz


Contra M

Chicken little

Vuttha Man

I just bought one for $75

Tyler Emery

I got 304,000 on mine. Paid $500 runs, drives, and looks mint. Been daily driving it and even delivering pizzas in it for over a year now.


I doubt that’s a 14 year old battery.

rob b

Pretty sure the miles were rolled back

Louie Tabullo

I'm getting one today for 5k with 264k miles, very excited

: Ken Barkau


John Lynn

You need some slacks or jeans , and tuck your shirt in. Looks like you just woke up


You basically got it free


Nice vid, obviously a steal. Keep up the good work, Toyota’s fan base is probably the most extreme as you’ve foundout. But the 4Runner yotas are some of the most coveted on and off road vehicles. Love mine🙏🏻


I was so excited when it made it up in 4 Low. Thinking about buying one. Maybe the V8 Limited though.

Kevin hatchett

Napoleon, where's Pedro, goshly!!


Great review! keep up the good work!

J.G. Zilco

Lol, what the fuck is going on here? 🤣 I can’t with this asshole. 🤦🏽🤮💯😂

Keatin Hales

Gave 2000 for a 2003 with 237 k

RiverRuns NC

Looks absolutely great for 04! Great find!!

Andres Patino

It definitely has performance. You just never went off road and drove it like you stole it.

John Caprice

Ha! Remind everyone that looking younger than you are is a gift! I didn't start shaving until I was 21, continued to get proofed into my 30's and now look like I'm 50 years old at the ripe old age of 71! You may still be driving that 4Runner into your later years!


lol i was confuse with some of you points but anyway i ending having one rep up your engine sweet toyota s

Cruz Ortiz

Why you act so gay?

You got a great deal

Paul Rupp

Nice ride. But giving us the “performance “ characteristics of a 4runner from 20-60mph is probably the least important thing anyone buying a 15 year old 4runner would be concerned about.

Will Shipley

This kid obviously doesn’t know what he’s talking about and he’s a douche


get rid of that car if you cant even get up that in 2wd


What’s Harry Potter doing reviewing cars? Just kidding 😁 You’ve got another 200,000 miles left, don’t abuse it.

Ricardo Bernard

Nice video 📹

Ricardo Bernard

You paid $1900 for this truck? Great, can you help me get one, 2004,/5/6 or sequoia 4×4 ?or gx or lx470 please, let me know if you can help,

karna meenavalli

felt like i was watchin napolean dynamite do a car review especially at the beginning.

Andrey Sheyfer

196k lol well at least the engine is broken in.


I envy that purchase.

Dev h

Sounds like a lot of bitter old men are jealous they couldn't get a deal on a 4runner like these guys, the video was not great but don't deserve all the hate its getting.

Ian Santos

How the hell did you get a 4Runner for 1,900 dollars?! I’m about to buy one for 7500 with 193,000 lol

d Eddie

Not trying to be a troll but I've never heard locking in the center DIFF….. Diff is short for differential . . ..transfer case in center……. or do Toyota's actually have Factory locking differentials??