I Bought A TOTALED 2018 Accord From Copart Salvage Auction Sight Unseen and Its Worse Than I Thought
I Bought A TOTALED 2018 Accord From Copart Salvage Auction Sight Unseen and Its Worse Than I Thought

I Bought A TOTALED 2018 Accord From Copart Salvage Auction Sight Unseen and Its Worse Than I Thought


In this video we go and pick up a new car that we got to fix real quick and get it sold and make some money.
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I don't understand why this car is not sold in europe. Small engine, fuel economy. Instead we have the Civic sedan that is very similar.

Qendrim S

I suggest to change the way how you do the videos it is totally goonzquad way.

NoMercy Evo

Stop buying cars and start finishing up some, your content is awesome but we gotta see some good progress.


What was “Worse than you thought”?? I hate “Clickbait”!!! … Now I’m unsubscribing!

Jorge Rodrigo Nunes Ferreira

Nice car

Viktor Izoita

Not too bad for $6200 + fees 👍


Hopefully that's not one of the Honda's with the oil dilution problem. Other than that, looks good. It'll be fun to see how you'll make it perfect again!

Wayne A Clarke

Nice! You got a great deal and a quick flip.

Madalin Neacsu

This time was a good driver 🤭😂 good luck with the new project guys! Keep doing like this

Lakers #1

unsubscribed for clickbait

Zaim Lashari

so the v4 grocery getter is here

Bruce Pierson

It might be a good idea to get a Bluetooth lapel microphone to keep your audio levels even. Some speech was way too loud and some was way to quiet. Will be interesting to see these two quick repairs as compared to the more complex jobs.

Knight Ride963

Thumbs down for the clickbait title


Great flip car would be a good build for Max to do 🙂


Dennis that Accord looks like an easy fix! I bought a new black Accord back in 2015! It's been the best daily driver car I have ever owned! Looking forward to seeing you guys make this one look like brand new!

Anything is Possible

How much do you get it for

edgar pierre

You gotta put a sub and amp in it if its your daily driver. What did you use to daily drive before this ?

Howard Rice

What a deal!!!

717 flyer

I’m surprised more damage wasn’t done to it the way he was driving the forklift.. It was bouncing up and down.

Basshead Chris

This is how I'm gonna get my next car. I'm tired of paying too much for used old cars.

Pedro Lawrence

How much did you buy this for ?

Asdfg Afiojk

Can i buy it


U r blessed with finding this car.


Is there a lot of these cars in those type of conditions. If so let me know the probablility of finding a car like that one.

Mahabub Hassan

Still on winning side

David Vander Waal

Lane assist? That’s the radar for the crash prevention. Lane assist is the camera on the window. Plus click bait come on now edit your title.


The audio and video are terrific


What was the price of the car from copart?

Steve Gavi

Love these videos which confirm why I never buy rebuilt vehicles.

geroge pratt

how much you paid


Man only if it was the sport package

bajo construccion

Fucking asshole fucking click bait


How much ????


It came with almost everything


Thats not bad at all

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