I Bought a WRECKED 2019 Ford F-250 from Copart SIGHT UNSEEN and I will rebuild it!

I Bought a WRECKED 2019 Ford F-250 from Copart SIGHT UNSEEN and I will rebuild it!

27 grudnia, 2021
25 komentarzy

Welcome back to another episode from CA Buildz! Today we are back with a brand new build. We got a Wrecked 2019 Ford F250 from Copart auto auction Sight unseen and will be rebuilding it! Is the Damage more than we thought??

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Inspired by my favorite YouTubers – Goonzquad, Vtuned, Samcrac, Alex Rebuilds, B is for Build, Rich rebuilds, TJ Hunt, stradman

#Copartrebuild #Fordf250 #Salvage

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Comments (25)

Prince Homebuilders inc

Super cool, great video

ford nut

Totaled that out for that little bit damage

Thi Ngoc Thanh Dinh

where the F-150 go ?


Excited…btw I think the truck is bigger than my house! 😁😁 Thanks from the UK.

Jersey Paul

Those dogs are like ‘it’s a little rough, but good enough for us”…LOL!

Angeles Fraga

It seems like a total INSURANCE SCAM!

Mark Copland

Some of those switches are extra if you add lights

Mark Copland

Dont forget your seatbelts need to be reset

ronnie gray

Egr delete that truck and tune it it will sound way better and with 5 in turbo back Exhaust


I might be interested buying this truck from u whenever you’re done fixing it

David Cutright

How much for it as is? How much after you are done putting it back together? Thanks!


Желаю удачи в ремонте трака✊

Udaybir Singh

It'll look good without the camper shell. ..BTW appreciate your work

حيدر النجفي

Vare vare vare 🌷ford

حيدر النجفي

Good 100 🥰

حيدر النجفي

Good car ford


Great pickup nice truck love all the bolts in the fishing tackle box

Cholly the crazy corgi He’s insane!

Looks good…looking forward to the rebuild videos!

Brian Gallagher

Most heavy duty diesel pickups come with 2 batteries as they need all that extra juice for cold cranking as well as the glow plugs can drain a battery so 2 batteries are a norm to get those big diesel engines cranking!!
Nice Find!!

White Thunder

I wonder if it's because of potentially liability issues, the shop decided to replace all these parts eventhough they may look okay in the naked eye. I think perhaps they didn't want to risk a lawsuit if a component "failed" if it wasn't properly repaired if the current owner or new owner gets into another wreck…


Are you from Illinois?

X Rides Cars

Excellent find! However, I would replace that radiator.


Yes, camp shell delete please!


I accidentally forget to zip my pants sometimes. You’re accidentally buying and selling cars so now I don’t feel so bad…

Human Only

Poland says;) Great car with fantastic engine…waiting for next episod pal:)