Making 7K On One Flip Car From COPART, 2018 Chevy Equinox

Making 7K On One Flip Car From COPART, 2018 Chevy Equinox

21 grudnia, 2021
39 komentarzy

In todays video I get into one of the best profit cars I ever won at Copart. Let me know what you think in the comments down below.

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Comments (39)

Megan Thompson

I definitely like seeing the cars you buy and flip!

Brayan Berrios

So whats the deal on these flood cars ???? Are most of them just some water leaked inside , is that it ?? Are they worth it..

Henry Leach

Did you just shout out copart for not taxing you?

Kathy Weisse

got your smile on awesome

Shaun Collins

Wow….Crazy to see how different the road going into that Copart is just from a year ago. Shit is jacked up now.

VIPLegal Education

Commenting cause I want to know how he does it 👀

Glenn Stiller

Nice job on that one. Too bad they all weren't like that, right? Also, glad to have the old intro sound back, classic TK.

Neil Murphy

Badussy I bet that car smells like that.

Neil Murphy

That is basically a Vauxhall Moka.

J Luigi

Tk, you stole that Equinox! One hell of a deal you got!

John Dunning

T I great job on the sale of the car

WiiL Li

Love the channel sir. Videos are awesome.

Tony S

Sweet !!

Igor Klebanovski

Nice car and amazing price!

Jeremy clayton marshall

Great video tk

steve crell

Good for you TK keep up the great work!

robert ross

nice car .at night run a black light on back seat. it should light up like luminal dose 4 the police if it urine this is Sunday

Don Poulson

Nice it would be cool to flip a car or 2 I've been watching about a year or so

MK's rides

That was a NICE profit!!

4wheel life

how do we know who won the gift card TK?

Shyne Poe

Hustle, hustle, hustle hard!

Fly_By_ GMoney

Love to see you flipping these cars Bro! I'm trying to free up some time to start doing some stuff myself Bro…. You a New York got me fired up 💯💪🏿

Andrew Tawiah

Hit the like button peeps

Andrew Tawiah

Wow the video quality has really come a long way from back in the day

North country Auto diagnostics

Taking it back to, back in the day✌️

Ross Field

Nice work TK, winner winner chicken dinner on the Equinox. Credit to you for driving them out of there and not trailering 😆

Jeff Goss

Damn very nice profit TK! What year was this?

Ryan d

Camera is alot better now

Larry Nance

Great profit

Michael Williams

You have come a long way since then. You look about 10 years younger in this video.

Mr. NiceGuy

This was a great deal. Huge difference with the camera and editing looking at it now and then. Great job TK!!!

Kenneth Frimpong

Did you say you got a bentayga ?😳

Louis-H HR

I personally prefer the other Song you Used as the intro.Dunno it fits more with your Challenger imo

Ralph Burrows

I thought I saw ALL your videos, but I either missed this or forgot it. I'm gonna have to go back to the beginning of time and see if I missed any others.

Godfrey Mendes

Impressive work TK.


Badass intro man

David Johnson

What I think is funny I just drove past there in Middle of Dec and the road on 95 is all messed up! So must have been awhile ago. Nice truck


that was a nice car tk

Vance Booker

nice vid TK