New Copart Flip Car - $1650 + Clean Title
New Copart Flip Car - $1650 + Clean Title

New Copart Flip Car – $1650 + Clean Title

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Uwagi (26)

Daniel Geatara

if i am from europe, do i need a license to buy? or something else? if i want to buy from copart do i also have to be present in US when they ship the car? can i buy it without making any other documents as i am going to register the car in europe?


Sorry to ask but why is the dash miles flashing???

Ramon Hurtado

My parents have been flipping cars for the past 15 years or so, salvaged, clean, its all good money if you know what to look for! The secret has always been in these small to mid size vehicles, they've always had the biggest returns in flips. "cash cars" as my parents would put it.

Trevor Rice

Lol riding on E

Dennis Faugh

its got 177000 miles on it…no bargain there

Joseph Pacelli

full detail and you're all good

The First Plug

Love yourself more than your wife first. Shes such a Bitch maybe she helped u financially once n now she on ya balls about the videos does ahe not understand you will be fuckin moviestars at auctionfields w youtube and flip money thats hard work n hustle man

The First Plug

Take yo dammmn mustang Bacc Bwoiiii no need to be unhappy when u have it all let that bih go and watch your shiny days

Melvin Radcliff

Miss the mustang I do😪

Nasty Hardcore

You're brave to drive it off the lot. It could have problems with brakes, steering, who knows? You could also be damaging it by running it. I guess if you live like a mile or two from the lot you're pkay.

Carson Glaser

Be careful with that 3.6 v6 it has a lot of timing problems and big history of bending valves belive me it happened to me

Nate Jordan

Have you done this in illinois?

Alejandro Escalante

Fuken clickbait fuk u

vicky bray

850 cash. Too many miles.i think you lost on this you said can't win on all buys

Daniel Bayen

Can anyone explain how he flips cars without a license? does he team up with a dealership?

Kris Tee

Notice how everyone goes slow when you about to run out of gas!!??

J Br1593

Fucking click bait..

Chuck Stewart

Hey brother…i have a dealer license…2 me with the mileage on that car….the most i would pay is 450.00….i buy from copart….and Iaai….hey but good luck…..all my cars i buy or under 100.000……again watch ur price…ur paying way 2 much

devon tollid

I have a 2010 impala lt with 178k miles no issues bruh they are good cars plus mine is highway miles

Bradley Watkins

Clickbait. We expect more from you, man.

Kevin Schoeppler

Hmmmm that Chevy Impala really looked like a Mustang in the thumbnail???

Dylan Shaffer Vlogs

Don’t sell that


Im mad he put a mustang thumbnail 😂😂 i clicked on this video many times forgetting he trolled us


Stupid UBER


Is this a public auction?

Dan Proctor

Eh, That check engine light doesn't matter.

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