Rebuilding a TOTALED 2020 TRD Pro Tacoma | Episode 1: Background and Walkaround
Rebuilding a TOTALED 2020 TRD Pro Tacoma | Episode 1: Background and Walkaround

Rebuilding a TOTALED 2020 TRD Pro Tacoma | Episode 1: Background and Walkaround

Today’s video is Episode 1 of a new rebuild series on this channel! Throughout this series, we will be bringing a salvaged 2020 TRD Pro Tacoma back to life. I talk about this truck’s history, the damage to the truck, and give a walkaround and detail some distinguishing features of a 2020 TRD Pro Tacoma.

**DM me if you know anything about this Tacoma’s prior life! We are interested in finding out as much as we can.**

My Instagram 📱: @chloekuotaco

🌮 MY TACOMA: 2019 TRD Off-Road, Silver Sky Metallic DCSB 🌮
– BFGoodrich KO2s (265/70/R17) :
– Baja Designs Squadron SAE Fog Lights (use code „ChloeK10” for 10% off):
– Nerf Running Boards:
– TRD Pro Wheels:
– TRD Skid Plate:
– Chrome Exhaust Tip:

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Dan Bacarra

As a autobody Technicians/estimator by trade. I know these Tacomas hold their value, but damn thats a lot of money for a salvage vehicle. Seeing that the bags are blown. You need to replace, both front impact sensors, modules, bags, clockspring, headliner. That alone is money. Good thing is front aprons on these trucks are so easy to replace. Cant wait to see how the truck turns out. Love the video, keep up the great work.

We Are One

Honestly, the TRD Pro is overrated and overpriced. Y'all better off with a TRD Offroad and just mod it as time goes by, that's what I did.

Chris Berkezchuk

I think you are better off spending that money (22k?) on a non wrecked 8-10 year old truck…

Chris Berkezchuk

Make this a 4X4 truck… If you make it to try and get it original., you'll lose….

Carlos Maldonado

I had a 2016
My paint job started to fall off with time
Engine knocked
Transmission slip
Ball joints noise
Power steering loud noise
I end up trading for a 2019 4×4 and so far no problem except for some times it doesn’t change from high to low

Carlos Maldonado

No scoop fan

Ray Parra

Wow….did anybody check to see if the frame is straight?

Gen Xiong

Great learning experience on fixing it up this wreck for the channel but VERY bad financial decision. A car is not an investment, it's an expense. Regardless of what car you buy (exception of very rare and exotic ones) it will lost value in the long run. Business class 101 from Harvard.


I think you are underestimating the cost of all the tensioners, airbag modules, airbags, and fixing all the interior trim pieces that blow up. But I can see why this sold for about 20k total.


If you have a car shipped cross country expect things to be stolen. I’ve shipped a car three times with things stolen. The last two times I placed dummy items to be stolen and they were.


$22,000 sounds like a lot of money for a wrecked truck. I bought my 2019 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab SR 4X4 Long Bed for $26,000 brand new. However, I'd love to see the finished product and total cost invested. Take care.

Dre Sted

At 22k salvaged I’m real curious what the cost after repairs comes out to.

Myron Sichanpheng

Drinking game: take a drink everytime she says TRD, or 2020

Christopher Martinez


Christopher Martinez


Randy Lamb

Hey Chloe, the super white paint has always been bad.

Jose Pena

Get it Cerakoted or RhinoLined!


A bit of a learning curve ha??

The king 101

Bro I just bought a salvage toyota tacoma trd pro around that price all fixed up though good luck on the project I will watch you fix it and let us know how much did you spend all the toyota

Eric Chen

won't the cost of fixing it be more than the car is worth?

3-Wheel Khalil

Excited to see the build series, but I'm not confident that this will work out to be economical for the owner based on the price paid and the damage there. Either way, good luck!


I saw somewhere that super white was the only paint color they have that doesn't have a clear coat layer…


I love the hood scoop on my pro. Mike Sweers, head of toyota F platform (trucks and suvs) said the hood scoop is intentionally non functional because it would alter the engine cooling. This was necessary because Toyota sells worldwide including to many rather hot locations.

tom mcl

👊:-) 👍


What's the song playing during the edits of the truck?


When I went to the dealer last month, all of the Tacomas I looked at had the shift knob removed. The salesman told me it was because they kept getting stolen. I guess people like to have a spare. The stitching on my '09 SR5 shift knob was completely thrashed after 12 years. But it was in fact a manual so I can't see an auto taking that much abuse.


yep hood scoop looks better too me

Brook Asfaw

Its always worth buying a new ones from dealers when it comes to Tacoma.

Fuji 420

Good luck 🍀 Chloe !

Nishant Pandya

Dude what the hell happened to this truck? It will not matter with just that mileage it’s a trash.

Silent Knight

I bought a salvaged 2015 Tacoma from Strickland auto in salt lake, they’re family owned and specializes in repairing Tacomas & 4Runners. I was only able to find the truck on the web by the vin number but only brought up the auction page, though I was able to see the truck damaged with the pictures they had posted which was only mainly cosmetic on front end and a bit frame, alignment is off. The resell value was $23,000, so about the same. Plus the shop throws in a 3” lift along with TRD wheels & Falken wildpeak tires in all there completed Tacomas 🙂 bought it in July 2019 still going strong and driven to California more than ten times now 🙂

Chloe Kuo

How many times can you guys count Cody in this video?! I literally just noticed that he’s hiding underneath the truck in some of the clips 😂


Great project but $22,000 for a salvaged vehicle that will have a salvaged title?


Overland It ! Great video thank you

Christopher Martinez

Great video

Ralph Demers

Hello Chloe, I know nothing about this trd pro, but I just purchased a 2021 trd sport from that same dealership in New Hampshire.

Tom S

Great idea for a series. I say forget stock, it already has a salvage title. Build it out wide body, upgrade the suspension and turn it into a beast with race parts. More brave than I would be to invest that much $ into a truck banged up like that but I commend you, get that Taco back on the road to live a decent life.

chaz como

Even though I am a functionality stickler, I do like the aesthetics of the hood scoop.

Chance Brown

Oh my lord crashing a trd pro with 2k miles makes me sick

jean baptiste

how much did u get that turd pro for?

Andy S

Damn 22k for that truck ?? That’s crazy. The frames is hella fucked up.

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