Rebuilding A Wrecked 2015 Toyota Camry Se From Copart Salvage Auction
Rebuilding A Wrecked 2015 Toyota Camry Se From Copart Salvage Auction

Rebuilding A Wrecked 2015 Toyota Camry Se From Copart Salvage Auction

in this video we get a quick fix rebuild to build this Camry in 2 parts. This part is picking it up and next part is fixing the car. Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more videos.



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ryan kirk

I like that you added junk yard part in to video 👍🏻

David Chaisson

Love the quick build videos

Alaskan Gamer.

0:56 that red dodge 😂

Tuuni Geeb

What's with the Chinese comment?


How much was door?

winston wong

Sure, the quick rebuild / flip is a great idea, not many subscribers have a frame machine and welder !!! It's always a good idea to give us an idea on the cost break down on the project too.

William Canter

You can learn a lot by watching these channels looks like you live in Tennessee not too far from where I'm at

Beto valdez

Does Copart have expensive fees or affordable

Bruce Pierson

This should be an easy fix for a quick flip and a good profit. Looks like one that could be fixed at home in a garage. It will be interesting to watch you fix it. Stay safe over there. All the best from Queensland Australia.

Eddie Force

What would something like this cost at COPART?

GT-R lover

It looks like a good deal

Michael Morell

I like the content good to see everyday kind of cars also on the channel

Carl Horkavy

SE=Sport Edition. Not "Special Edition"

مؤيد العوضات

Sure I would like to see more rebuilds of sedan cars like Ford fusion hybrid 👍🏻

Risen Christ's Band

Fantastic 💪👌

Reb Khosh

What was the price??

Fadhel AL Mahdi

This kind of rebulid is fast and wanted👍💯

David Khetaguri

good camry

Gary Logoai

How much would this repair usually cost

meluga gaming

10:45 I saw a mustang

Charlie Ave

I have a 2016 the same color. Its looks but but toyota says its green lol

West coast 🌴

You can make some good money off the Toyota Camry Those parts should be super cheap. 👍👍👍Japanese cars are the best

Nathan Brinker

my dads robots painted that car


You saved the car only on the passenger side?

Junaid Ali

My first video watch on your channel and subscribe right away!

Muhammad Ali Shah

It funny because family use to own 2015 toyota camry se with white interior and black exterior and it got t-boned.

billy smith

my 2013 Camry Le was wrecked , totaled, in a rear end the engine had 114k and did not burn. engine clean car was bad in snow. i drove it from NY to Florida then to Calif then back to NY. put 6 k on her in a month. driving 70 to 90 mph. used synthetic. she never burned a drop of oil. high speed desert and mountain driving. she was a real kitten. i miss her

Chiricano Capaz 🇵🇦

Saludos desde Panamá.


I have 9k for this toyota camry I'm in New Jersey

julio bello

I own 2015 SE is amazing daily no complains just add some window tint and led lights inside and out gives the car more personality

Gale Gregory

I'm watching you because you can flip a small car like that it's great don't let the junkyard keep them

Gale Gregory


Wilson Andrade


Luis Santana

There’s something about toyotas that I just love, they may not be the prettiest or even close to beating the competition in terms of looks but that Camry right there with the 2.5l 4 cylinder 6 speed automatic can easily go for 200k+ miles no problem, just regular maintenance. Don’t forget people to change your spark plugs and ignition coils every 100k miles or less if you can and your engine will thank you.


My wife had a 2012 Camry SE that looked black but was actually a real dark blue & the blue really showed up in the sun. It was called Cosmic Gray, Toyota has some nice colors.

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