Rebuilding a wrecked 2019 Ford Explorer Limited with a clear title
Rebuilding a wrecked 2019 Ford Explorer Limited with a clear title

Rebuilding a wrecked 2019 Ford Explorer Limited with a clear title

It is time to start a new build. This is a 2019 Ford Explorer Limited AWD only 21,000 miles and a clear title. Sometimes you find parts for your builds, sometimes you find builds for your parts. This was the second option. Splitting the cost of the front end between two builds helps make a little more on these. Having a clear title and factory warranty on a new vehicle should help with selling it. This build was stretched out due to the shutdown so it took much longer than the couple days it should have. That is the reason for the snow on the ground. It turns out these videos aren’t live… who knew?

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Brianne C

I took autobody in Vocational school back in 1986, It was alot of fun , great bunch of guys and the cars were still built like cars.
I don't think I would have the patience to work on todays vehicles, too much plastic, too many clips and well they just seem junky.
I still enjoy watching though, Last summer I did the rockers, floor and paint on a 73 MGB. I guess we stick to what we know.
Stay safe

Marty Beaudry

most boring @ss hole on youtube. IN THE PILE idiot

Bridget Ann

Whoaaa! Your really good at your craft. Excellent job🚘🚘

Cashus Wayne

How do you hit something that hard and no bags deployed? Wild

Djclasical Future

Greatest way to dodge car notes and so on with good cars freshly under 100,000 miles no contract etc.

dj ps

You are so very very lucky with all your leftover parts
Really made this a win win rebuild
Thank you again

Rick Collins

How much was this at auction

Frans Wijnands

Wat is een slinky


Freedom unit vs, metrics.. 😀

Roman Dybala

Hi, like your vids.Your skills are amazing. If you could explain what clear title means . We dont have that in Australia.What does it mean if youi dont have clear title? Thanks from Melbourne Australia

dj ps

I'm new to the channel
I enjoy you explaining everything
Thank you very much from new York city

jay G

Was this explorer totaled by insurance?


Dude you're like a car doctor surgeon. ( But how come the car doesn't have a salvage title )

Combat Medic

Amazing talent on display. Thanks!

Abilash Samuel

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you're awesome…. I wish I can become pro like you. I have 2011 ford explorer XLT, and I would like to ask you why does the water come down and get deposited into spared tire. this is puzzling me. isn't this Ford recall or what?

John Hoey

Perhaps I missed something. But didn’t I watch you remove the hood earlier in the video—and then again at 17:00?

John Hoey

That car hit everything except the lottery 😛

Vlad Golovchenko

If it was sold at a insurance auction, which the sticker looks like a IAA sticker, the Clean title will still have a total loss brand on its history. Clean title but not so clean after all.

Ernie Groocock

Good call keep in the rail it would be one hell of a job trying to salvage the rail tower component off of a used vehicle I put a couple of them in with new parts and the old stuff comes out in pieces

Ernie Groocock

That looks like one of my sad ass old welding blankets

Ernie Groocock

I thought you like challenges I can fix that door in my sleep bro maybe

Nicola Heyes

Best channel on U. TUBE. Nicole .UK

Nguyễn Hữu vinh



Tam ten gruz na wagę sprzedają.

Rodger Garland

Scott is so good at what he does…makes everything look very easy!!

Rick W

what is a clear title?

Edward Comiskey

Rocker covers would have saved many a F150

Joe Shopper

I have a correction. You said to turn them a quarter turn, but in metric that's 90 degrees. In metric, this is actually 90 degrees Celsius.

Jorge Toloza

Dude,,,that was awsome..

Lee Speyrer

one of my relatives bought a well equipped explorer and the tires were needed to be changed after a year on the road .

Mark Dixon

Great 👍 video's, thanks for sharing im learning alot of work u do. Keep up the good job


Is this the 400hp version of the Explorer?

David West

More videos

Jorge Lozano

Personally, I hate fractions.

Workhorse channel

Love this video! I have a question I have a 2019 Ford ecosport and both front knee airbags deployed. I sent the module and seatbelts to get replaced.I bought the airbags from a junkyard and installed everything back. The airbag light is still on and my innova 5410 can’t even connect to the car. The fordpass app gave an alert that the RCM has detected a fault with the driver knee airbag circuit. Is there anything that I could do to clear this? Thanks please let me know


what right angle wrench do you use?
I have all dewalt but they dont make one which boggles my mind

Javier Ortega

I need at suv
How mach u pay?

Edward Myers

God, I hate how them wrecking yards fork cars

Tesy Tesy

You are the best

Rick Johnson


G Merrill

I would not want to buy that vehicle being told it had a clean title.

Nathan Shine

This guy is a serious DILF

Carbon Fiber Creations Washington

If you enjoy your work that is most important.

kantos kanteh

Are you still having this car with you

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