Salvaged Toyota Tacoma Bought On Copart Auto Auction
Salvaged Toyota Tacoma Bought On Copart Auto Auction

Salvaged Toyota Tacoma Bought On Copart Auto Auction

From junkyard trash to Wide Body Beast.

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Products Featured on this build:
⁃ Grille –
⁃ Fiberglass Fenders –
– Fiberglass Bedsides –
⁃ C4 Fabrication Front Bumper –
⁃ Projector Headlights W/ Sequential Turn Signals –
– Suspension –
– Long Travel Kit –

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Uwagi (35)

Mark Mikloska

This is amazing! Great work bro!!

The Valley Fox

That's crazy, the Tacoma is from my home state; Nevada.

Michael Gonzales

Nice job. I’m doing the same process on my 2nd gen 2007 Tacoma 350k miles on it. She got rear ended but I knew she was still good only the frame and the bed were damaged. I modified it by adding 3rd gen bed the process took awhile because I had to work with the wires but ultimately my project was finish in two month. I was so happy to see her up and roaring….

SC Media House

So inspirational! Kudos to this guy and his passion!


what a beautiful transition!

Sean P

Jesus… 12 grand for a wrecked taco with 80k miles?? Eff that.


Ain’t nobody got time for that lol 😂!!! Now he’s a man and jack of all trades!!

Jacob Elliott

That’s a whole lot of tweaking

Cuphead 77

One of the sickest tacos I've seen 🤟

Evan Kolpack

I'm doing almost the exact same thing on a salvage 200 series Land Cruiser from Copart. I'm in WA state, so also getting a rebuilt title. Currently the entire dash and every interior panel is pulled out. Installing new speakers, stereo, dynamat, 12v dual battery wiring, etc. It's currently getting a new rear quarter panel. I'll be installing passenger fender and door next week, along with stud welder dent pulls and body filler, then prepping for paint and it's off to Maaco. Side curtain bags were indeed a pain, but all installed now. Anyhow, I'll be documenting much of the work if you're interested in checking it out. Either way, great job! Looks absolutely amazing and the sense of accomplishment and pride is awesome, along with all the new skills gained. Congrats on the amazing truck! Aloha!

Tito p

WOW!!!!! This truck looks awesome

Navi H

Sounds like a Headache

Dylan Voyles

12k for a 70k+ miles salvage title and doesn't run thats a lot

Robert Raudenbush

What a Herculean Task !!! “Wow” just doesn’t cover it, congrats on an awesome ride

Art Sibgatullin


anonymous X


Othman Raddadi

why your face is taking 2/3 of the s rcreen and what we are actually interested in seeing is in the remaining part

გიორგი საითაძე

Come in REPUBLUC OF GEORGIA, here we are doing, this kind of things everyday 😂😂 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

Julian Alderson

Really suits the wrap, yer be great feelin gettin it back out there. Cheers'

Loya's Cleaning Services LLC

Awesome! I like your story man very inspiring and challenging and my prayers to those 753 lost souls with the thumbs down.

Big chungus E

what rims?

Jonathan Haney

I’m not gonna lie if it was that messed up you paid too much :/

Zak T

What’s his new Instagram name?


Amazing rig


It's great to see people jumping into projects like this! Awesome work 😊

Scot Metcalf

I have full respect for this young man !! Need more like him! Truck is absolutely sick and that’s crazy a wrap is $5,000.00! Love this channels content! Have a fantastic day everyone


To the guy who sold this guy bent parts, touché my man!!! What a winner you are.

Darius Kalinauskas

So inspiring! Amazing work Sam!

Nathan Young

This video inspired me to get a 2020 taco from Copart, fixed it up and had it running for a month now. saved 20k. woop woop. Cheers TacomaBeast enjoy the videos

Hunter Barner

this guy is a G

Vito Soprano

I give this guy all the credit in the world. He got rid of those giant monsters that are really worthless. Unless you have a major business that is your Truck is your office. He did his homework found a sweet deal. Got into something up to his neck because he really didn’t know what he was doing and just pushed through. What an inspirational video and a bad ass truck. If he does any engine mods I would do an engine swap. 16 valve Cummins diesel. Oh hell yeah….!!!!!!!!

Jason Explains Things

I totally get that feeling of pride in something you build yourself. My 1974 Beetle and 1987 Dodge Ram are on the road because of me. They become art pieces you can drive around in.

Alfonso Castellano

Best compliments


You got all the trade secrets of an autobody business. We use hydraulic pullers and the measuring gauge tool. All that is left is to understand how metal bends and form with hammers and pullers. Remember to lock down the vehicle with chocks and brakes when pulling. The first thing we look at are the air bags because they are the most expensive. If they are deployed they would be the most expensive to replace. The front end damage make sure you paint up any exposed metal and seal up with body glue. Keep it the great work!

Clifford Baste

You are an amazing young man! Awesome awesome!

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